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Garrabeg Li'l Lakota Sioux

Sioux was born on the 22.05.13. Bluebell had a long labour and I had to help her foal. Sioux has grown into a mischievous yearling and has spent the first year learning about being a horse. Peaches looks after her, they are half sisters same dad, and I must confess Peaches does spoil her a bit! Now as a long yearling Sioux is in nursery school now and I have just started moving her on the circle asking for more attention, backing her up, turning her. She has been doing this previously but now I am asking a bit more! Not that she is happy but she is realising that she has to listen when I ask!



Well we are nearly a month of Sioux becoming three years old. So far she has had the saddle on, been gently bitted and I have leant over her. The long reining has started and is not going terribly well as I need someone to help her by being a leader. We have moved from our previous premises to a field near the beach and all the horses have settled in really well. Once the weather and nights lengthen a little more I intend to get cracking with the sit on!   

I have loaded recent photos in her file. 


Sioux was quietly and gently backed in April 2016. It was without incident which is really what we all want really. I had done so much work with her that sitting on her was no big deal (to Sioux, a big deal to me though). Over the summer I sat on her occasionally and got her used to going forwards. Once the weather improves she will be doing a bit more work starting with the forwards backwards and sideways and some hacking out to fitten her up.   


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