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Not a good day today I got a phone call to say that Sorrel had a piece of wire stuck in her side and that it had been removed. By the time I got up she was looking a bit sorry for herself. it had pierced the umbilical line on her belly and I was really scared that it had damaged the foal or pierced her stomach cavity. Fortunately I had antibiotics in the tack room so I rang my vet and he okayed using them as she is in foal. I really cannot lose her as well, I think that would just make me give up totally.


I went up this morning and was really dreading what I would find!! I walked around the corner and she nickered to me!! She was up and about the lump under her belly had gone down but was still weepy and no aborted foal! I gave her more antibiotics and turned her out to walk around. ( Much more hygienic outside in the cold rather than in the stable). Vet coming tomorrow anyway so he will check her over.


Vet arrived ( god it is cold today minus 5) took her temperature and it is normal 38 degrees. He commented on what a lucky horse she is and if all goes well she is a lucky girl!! He said she was quiet but Sorrel is a really quiet horse and only bites or would kick out if you fiddled with her belly if she was really, painfully sore. He agreed it was as well we started the antibiotics when we did and left me with more for a 5 day course. He was more amazed when I showed him the wire. It looks like a chime of the hay/straw turner somehow it broke off went through the baler and ended up in her straw bed. It never even hit the pitchfork when I made the bed up!! She was very lucky and I am so relieved she is improving. I just hope the foal is okay although I can still see movement. 

27th December 2010.

The good news is that Sorrel's sore belly has gone down a lot and she is back to normal, thank goodness!! After 7 days of antibiotics the infection seems to have gone. I have seen the foal moving so fingers crossed that everything will be okay. I have managed to video the video of Sorrel and Dakota in 2009 when I took her out for a hack with him. It made him a very laid back little man! Video is on the video page.    

06th January 2011

Good news Sorrell is back to normal thank heavens! She is back to her old self. I have had Lisa out to look at her as she was coming to check Bluebell over anyway as I felt she was stiff in her lower back with all the walking over the ice and snow. Sorrel had really tight hips and haunches so Lisa released it off. She was so much better the next day she cantered off up the field not bad since she only has 10 weeks to go. I can still see the foal moving which is a big relief!


Been out working today moving a little 2 year old filly to a new field. She has only been moved once before but she remembered all the groundwork I had done with her and loaded not too badly! I am afirm believer in the horse being given the option to have a go itself and try to work with me. We were in no hurry, she is just a baby and the main thinng is that the experience was good! There is a little video on the video page.

I then went up to work with Honey. Honey was scared she is very reactive and not very trusting! remember it was only a few weeks ago I managed to get the head collar on her! She led out the field nicely and did not whinny once for the others. I intend to show her in April so I feel it important that she irons out any loading issues now rather than on the day. You can see from the video that she is anxious but really wants to please and does not know what to do with her feet at all, she licks and chews a lot. You will see me eating mints! these are not a bribe but the smell of mint on my breath covers my breath and they then know there is a nice smell around. The filly got a mint when she walked in ( she was not anxious at all just thinking) however Honey needed the reinforcement that she had done the right thing and I felt that the best thing to reinforce that was a mint! Incidently she did load just after she put both feet further up the ramp  and she walked right in! 


Bluebell and I done our dressage test today  I was really pleased Prelim 14 went well but we did not get placed but we were joint 6th for our freestyle to music and got a lovely pink rosette as well as 60% really chuffed. I have to remind myself at times she has only been under saddle 18 months and only started cantering in an arena a few weeks ago. Plus I have no arena and am doing this all myself. Next week we are off to do an endurance ride, if it is on with all this rain!!


Bluebell and I done our first endurance ride this year. We joined the Borders group. We rode around the areas we normally hack so it was great fun and not too stressful for her. We done 16km and came in under time so I was really pleased.

16th and 17th of Feb 2011    

Checked Sorrel last night when I brought her in no udder development. This morning I went up to turn her out and her udders were about a 1/3 full. So after work tonight I was up checking her at 9.40pm. Udders back down again with being out all day. No doubt I will be on my sleep deprivation again for the next 4 weeks or so!!

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