Animal portraits and Horsemanship

western riding and training animal portraits

Garrabeg Una. She came to me last year in April from a dealer as you can see in the headline picture she was a bit rough. It was just her coat and as the winter coat came out the little horse underneath started to shine through. She was rising 4 so I was able to start working with her right away doing circle work, backing her up getting the forehand and hindquarters to move and unsticking the feet! She picked this up really quite quickly and I felt she would be not to difficult to back. Once I had her trust I started with tack, saddle pad, saddle again working her on the line. 

Midsummer I got my friends down and together we backed her. It was relatively easy and within a few weeks she was happy to have me mount myself and she would walk forward, backwards and appear quite happy.

Where are we at now?? I am now about to start riding her more once the weather becomes a little letter so follow us on our journey into the show ring.