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Chapelhill Dee Dee


I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dee Dee (aka Hunny) who I was kindly allowed to buy from her owner! She is due to arrive today via Perth Equine transport. She is to be an escort horse for my youngsters and a potential brood mare at some point. She has bred two beautiful foals previously and has now been backed and about to start her ridden career with me.   


Profuse apologies! I have been a bit in updating the website and am having difficulty re sizing photos so have uploaded them into each horse's own file. I have now had Hunny for a year and a half, since we have been together she has gone from a horse that trips, is on her forehand and a bit unfit!! to having done some dressage tests, a lot of hacking and two endurance rides! One last June and one three weeks ago. We have started doing dressage to music and Hunny loves a canter on the beach. We are still working on Lope/canter when asked and in an arena.

We have also been taking part in tilting which I enjoy I am not too sure about Hunny. Currently we are working on cones schooling at walk/trot/jog to halt and back up to jog/trot then halt and a back up. We are working on lightness and her going off my leg a bit better as she tends to lean on both my hands and be a bit slow off my leg so a work in progress. Hopefully I will be able to upload more photos as we progress.   

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